Why a pool enclosure?

At first glance, we might look to a purchase of a pool enclosure as another expense for the pool. In fact, the acquisition of a pool enclosure is an investment, which in addition to enhance your house, substantially increases the profitability of your pool!

Consider the following advantages:

1. Increased swimming epoch – Increase water and interior environment temperatures and forget the wind.

- With the materials used, solar radiation is captured and stored inside the enclosure as heat, commonly known as greenhouse effect. This feature will allow not only an increasing of 6 to 10 degrees on the water temperature without the need of an additional heating system, it also prevents the water to lose the heat during the night.

- Since the temperatures of water and environment will maintain constants, you can use your pool also during the night. In the windy days or late afternoons, close your enclosure and enjoy your pool.

2. Protection against accidents

- You can lock completely your enclosure, preventing falls of children or pets in the water. COVERPOOL® enclosures are equipped with security locks, with key, manufactured in stainless steel;

- Your pool will be locked and inaccessible during your absence, preventing the pool utilization by unwanted visits;

- The structures of COVERPOOL enclosures are ready to support loads, so even a low model enclosure will support a child weight, with no danger of rupture and fall in the water;

3. No water pollution

Prevents water contamination by leaves, insects, sand and other garbage;

- By preventing the entrance of rubbish, you can reduce the quantity of maintenance products. It represents a cost reduction associated to the treatment products, a decrease of time dedicated to the pool maintenance and an increasing of the water quality.

4. Effective Fixing

- COVERPOOL® telescopic enclosures are equipped with a strong fixing system with stainless steel claws and aluminum beams produced for the effect. This system allows the structure to support very strong winds.

5. Sliding system

- COVERPOOL® sliding system is composed by stainless steel bearings with anti-noise cover and aluminum beams specifically projected for the purpose. It allows a smooth movement of the modules of the telescopic covers, without excessive noise and with little effort by the user;

- Also the lifting doors of Sahara model have a smooth movement, with the possibility to divide each door in two parts. This way you can open only the superior half of the doors, letting the air circulate inside and simultaneously preventing the entrance of children or pets in the pool;

- You can keep your enclosure completely closed in a windy or cooler day, or you can slide your modules and doors as you prefer, keeping the pool outdoors.

6. Evaporation

- With an insulated environment, you will prevent the evaporation both of water and treatment products, promoting this way a saving with the pool maintenance.

7. UV protection

- Both the Polycarbonate or Metacrilate plates have a treatment against ultra violet rays in both sides. This treatment increases the protection of who is inside the enclosure and prolongs the durability of the cover materials.

8. “Easy clean” system

- COVERPOOL Covers have an “easy clean” treatment on the outside surface of polycarbonate plates, which works like a layer of varnish. This layer will prevent the dust to attach on the roof of the enclosure. It allows the cleaning using only water and it increases the time that the cover stays with the looking of “new equipment”.

Dripgard” system

- It is given a treatment on the inside surface of the Polycarbonate, known as “Dripgard”. This treatment reduces the condensation on the roof, causing the droplets to agglomerate and fallback into the pool.