Technical features


- Through its vast experience, COVERPOOLl develops her own aluminum profiles, employing in each project the ones which best fit;

- The aluminum alloy used is AL6060 35 with thermal treatment T5, which is the indicated alloy for structural profiles;

- Our profiles are produced by certified companies, with the norm NP EN ISO 9001, which assures not only the quality of the raw materials, but also the quality of the extrusion process;

- On the lacquering process, updated equipment is used, producing lacquered profiles with the quality standards of the European norms. COOVERPOOLl has a wide range of colors available.

Roof and wall plates

For the roof and wall plates, COVERPOOL presents several possibilities:

Alveolar Polycarbonate Lexan®

- Plates produced by certified company (Sabic), with the standard quality norms;

- Material with high impact resistance. Polycarbonate has a rupture resistance of 160 MPa and it is among the materials with higher tenacity;

- Double wall structure, with excellent thermal properties. This material creates the “Greenhouse Effect”, which retains the heat inside the enclosure. Polycarbonate Sheets have a Solar Energy Gain Coefficient of 0,78;

- Plates with 10mm thickness;

- With protection against ultra violet rays in both sides, increasing the security of who is inside the cover as well as it increases the lifetime of the polycarbonate plates and the lifetime of the objects inside the cover. This plates are practically opaque to the UV radiation and to infrared radiation with bigger wave-length;

- Plates with “easy clean” treatment on the outside surface. This treatment works like a varnish layer, decreasing the friction on the surface, allowing the cleaning only with water and increasing the longevity of polycarbonate plates, remaining the cover with the look of “new equipment” for more years. This treatment is also known as self-cleaning, and the rain itself washes the polycarbonate plates;

- COVERPOOL Polycarbonate plates also have an inside surface treatment known as Dripgard. This treatment prevents the small droplets that are formed by condensation on the roof from fall on the floor. The condensate water will fall back to the pool.

- Material available in several colors. The most common are the translucent and opaque;

- Plates with noise insulation characteristics according with norm DIN 52210-75. The soundproofing is 21 Db;

- 10 years warranty.

Solid Methacrylate

- Produced by certified companies (Plexiglass and Perspex), with the standard quality norms;

- High resistance to the weather factors and aging;

- Solid material (acrylic glass), with high transparency and visibility between outside and inside environment (light transmittance of 92%)

- Plates with 5mm and 6mm thickness;

- Material with ultra violet rays protection en both surfaces;

- High impact resistance (250 times superior to glass);

- Excellent thermal properties, not allowing heat dissipation during the night;

- Warranty for 30 years, given by the manufacturer;


- Laminated glass, promoting the security related on possible impacts and breakage of glass;

- Transparency assured between inside and outside environments.

Connecting squares

The module structures of COVERPOOL enclosures are manufactured with stainless steel solid squares. Unlike cast aluminum squares, stainless steel solid squares will provide a much more robust structure. The most important points to reinforce in the structure are the connection angles and, in fact, according not only to experience, but also to calculation, this stainless steel squares will considerable increase the structure resistance to applied forces, namely to forces created by strong winds.


- Fixing foundations, bolts and security claws manufactured in stainless steel. On the COVERPOOL® closers we don’t use the common stainless steel, but stainless steel AISI 316, which has excellent anticorrosive properties, ensuring the proper functioning of all accessories along the time. Even the utilized bolts are A4 series, the indicated one for environments with high relative humidity;

- Satinless Steel bearings, weather resistant and with anti-noise cover, allow easy sliding of the enclosure modules

- Security locks in stainless steel or aluminum. Whether central locks with key or breech locks, all COVERPOOL elements are made of anticorrosive material;

- Insulating brushes with base in stainless steel, which ensure the non-passing of dust or wind through the small gaps (15mm) between telescopic modules.