We are a company founded in 1973 with the name “Industry of Constructions in Aluminum, INALCO, Lda”. Initially dedicated to the manufacture of aluminum frames, as well as other metallic structures, in 1994 INALCO projected, manufactured and installed its first telescopic pool enclosure. Having this enclosure as the company first model, soon there were new requisitions from other clients.

By 1996, INALCO devoted exclusively to the manufacture and installation of pool enclosures, and was one of the first companies to engage in this branch in Portugal.

INALCO founded and registered the brand of pool enclosures COVERPOOL INTERNATIONAL®. New models are designed: high, low, fixed, telescopic…. New exclusive COVERPOOL® aluminum profiles are studied and produced and new accessories are created for the enclosures, so that the company can improve the performance of each structure. The company is divided in 3 basic departments: Comercial, Project and Production.

In almost 20 years of experience, COVERPOOL INTERNATIONAL® has projected, manufactured and installed more than 1000 pool enclosures both in Continental Portugal, Madeira Island, Azores and across borders, in European Countries and North of Africa.

The productive growth of the company is followed by a sustainable growth of technological level, as the company acquired in the last years new manufacture and project equipment. In June 2012, according to the need, COVERPOOL® moves its facilities for a bigger complex, with better working conditions, and we are now installed in an Industrial Unit in Loures, Lisbon.

Not only betting to growth on the production level, COVERPOOL® has recently started a partnership with the Mechanical Engineering Department of Instituto Superior Técnico, where structural studies are made. It was also started an I&D project for the COVERPOOL® enclosures. Environment issues are always present and all waste materials from the production are recycled by certified companies.

We want to maintain a close relationship with the client and we assume that from design to installation, everything is done with the exclusive dedication of COVERPOOL®.